Paladin International, LLC.


globeWelcome to the Paladin Companies and affiliates including:,

its risk assessment and mitigation arm Paladin Special Operations Branch, LLC., its travel services including Sentinel Worldwide, and its Psychological Risk and Assessment Group.

Paladin International, LLC.

  • Domestic and international negotiations
    • Negotiations training
      • Corporate
      • International
  • New country entry
    • Information and country specific analysis
    • Risk Assessment and management
    • Contacts
    • Procedures
  • Domestic and international business development and strategic planning
  • Commercial dispute and conflict resolution
  • Natural resources and law
    • Joint venture agreements, joint operating agreements, and contract negotiations
    • Forensic geology
    • US domestic land services
    • Legal service contracting and oversight

Paladin Special Operations Branch, LLC.

  • Crisis & risk planning and oversight
  • Security & threat mitigation project planning and oversight
    • Commercial and domestic architectural security analysis
  • Personal and asset protection
    • Domestic and international
    • High risk
  • Security audits and due diligence
  • Sentinel Worldwide

    • Country information including local facts, culture, language, politics,
      security concerns, health information, risk analysis and threat mitigation
    • Executive and family travel awareness training
    • Travel risk mitigation including security services
    • Kidnap and kidnap awareness training


    • Domestic and international guard forces
    • NRA sanctioned firearm instruction
    • Tactical and advanced firearms instruction for civilians and law enforcement
    • Home firearm safety
    • Non-lethal personal protection

    Psychological Risk and Assessment Group

    • Psychological risk mitigation and threat assessment
    • Staff assessment and preparation
    • Staff and executive evaluation, referral and treatment
    • Victim assessment and care
    • Clinical facility risk assessment/management

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Paladin International, LLC.


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Paladin Special Operations Branch, LLC.

Paladin International, LLC.
P.O. Box 680
Larkspur, Colorado USA 80118
Tele (303) 683.8424
Mob (303) 887.1117
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US Office:
Paladin Special Operations Branch, LLC.
P.O. Box 680
Larkspur, Colorado USA 80118
Tele (303) 683.8424
Mob (303) 887.1117
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UK Office:
Barons Rest, Much Birch
Hereford, HR2 8HY