Business Negotiations

Domestic and International Negotiations

Paladin has its roots as a negotiations firm. In this regard, we have successfully concluded negotiations in over 30 foreign countries and on five continents with individuals, corporations, governments and various organisations including military and security groups. These negotiations have included joint ventures, contracts, farmouts/ins, mediations, arbitrations and internal and external corporate and government relations matters.

Paladin begins the negotiation process by helping our clients to define what it is they wish to accomplish. From there, we direct the process of negotiation toward achieving the defined objectives using innovation and problem-solving skills. The result is a fresh look at a client’s negotiation as a quantifiable process between parties that may have varied and diverse interests but also have a desire to create a sound agreement.

Generally, Paladin directly negotiates on behalf of our clients. However, we can also be used as an asset to advise senior executives during the course of a negotiation to maximise results. In addition, through the negotiation process used by Paladin, we also help clients to know when to walk away from a negotiation and to understand where their “bottom line” may be.

Finally, we believe that a client should get what they want from a negotiation. Paladin helps our clients to do this whether the client wants to complete a single negotiation or needs for us to build and implement an entire strategic plan. Over the years, Paladin has proven its ability to deliver.