Business Services

Additional Services Provided by Paladin International, LLC.

Project Management

Paladin is often called upon to design and manage a project for our clients. This can run the gamut between directing the client through the process of establishing an international presence in a single foreign country to taking a foreign government project and bringing the international community to its door to accomplish country objectives.

Paladin also provides custom designed courses and seminars on negotiations based on the principals of the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiations


Many of the negotiations for our clients have involved legal matters and we often work closely with their attorneys to ensure that what is agreed is clearly expressed in a contract. We also recommend attorneys that we know who can provide our clients with services ranging from construction of complicated joint venture and operating agreements to providing business services of all kinds in the countries where we operate.

Through the negotiation process, Paladin can help to avoid litigation in many instances. We conduct settlement negotiations when a legal action is in progress or provide litigation strategies to our clients when litigation is not avoidable. These services often lead to huge cost savings.

Finally, Paladin provides experienced business support, including legal administration and paralegal services.

Negotiations Courses and Seminars

Courses taught for Colorado State University Graduate School of Business:
  • BUS626 – Managing Human Capital
  • BUS625 – Principles of Organizational Communication and Strategic Negotiations
  • BG662 – International Business
  • BG690 – Organizational Crisis Planning and Management
  • Negotiations for the Legal Professional
  • Negotiating for Success in Business

Paladin and Colorado State will work with you and your company to custom-build a negotiations seminar or a course for certification. Topics can include such areas as internal negotiations, salary and benefits, managing employees, peer negotiations or client development and closing,

Negotiations courses taught upon request:

In addition, Paladin will work directly with governments, companies, or organizations to give presentations and seminars as well as to teach in-house courses in all areas of business negotiations. Previous clients for these courses, seminars and presentations include:

  • Aramco
  • AAPL/DAPL/HAPL seminars
  • Aspect Resources, LLC.
  • Association of Legal Administrators – Rocky Mountains
  • Barnes & Lewis, P.C.
  • Barrett Resources Corp.
  • Beta West, Ltd.
  • Colorado Interstate Gas
  • Colorado River Conservation District
  • Colorado State University and its Denver Center
  • Gulf Canada Resources
  • Holme, Roberts & Owen
  • Intentia Global Operations
  • Kuwait National Oil Company
  • Louisiana Bar Association
  • Louisiana Landsman’s Association
  • MediaOne Group Inc.
  • Murphy Oil
  • Norwest Questa Engineering
  • The Oil and Gas Investor
  • Rike Services
  • Sentinel Worldwide
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vintage Petroleum

All courses are based on Dan Reid’s extensive domestic and international experience as a negotiator and the Harvard University Law School Program on Negotiations as developed by Professors Roger Fisher and William Ury and the Harvard University Faculty and staff.

Paladin affiliates with and provides executive oversight of:

Land services – Petroleum land service professionals in the Rocky Mountains and on/offshore Gulf Coast areas of the US

Geosciences – International/domestic: Geologists – exploration, development and forensic; Geophysicists – exploration and development