Paladin Special Operations

Welcome to Paladin Special Operations Branch, LLC.

Paladin Special Operations Branch, LLC performs risk management services on behalf of Paladin International, LLC. (See Services Section) It develops both domestic and international security and crisis plans and performs a variety of risk management services for its clients. These include audits, due diligence, risk analysis, all aspects of international travel & travel security, management of security projects, and guard forces. Paladin also contracts with and provides oversight of premier protection services for personnel and assets in various environments including high-risk areas worldwide. Finally, Paladin offers a variety of training to individuals and corporations as well as authorized military and police entities.

The Special Operations Branch security services are provided through our operational staff and an extensive network of professional individuals and companies. Our core operational individuals are former British and American Special Forces Veterans. Other individuals and organizational professionals that we contract are also former military Special Operations personnel or government trained specialists from elite units in the US and around the world. In addition to their extensive military skills and experience, as needed, all individuals utilized are selected for their training in technical areas of security such as executive security awareness and close protection, intelligence, surveillance/counter-surveillance, home and office security, professional driving and safety, remote trauma and life support, urban survival, counter-terrorism and kidnapping, languages, communications and field liaison work with facilities’ management and government officials.

Paladin’s Psychological Risk and Assessment Group brings together some of the finest psychological risk mitigation and threat assessment professionals in the world to provide solid planning, evaluation, care and treatment for individuals, corporations and organizations of all types. Whether vetting executives to determine psychological fitness for international positions or helping kidnap and kidnap recovery victims and their families, Paladin’s network of MD’s PhD’s and other health professionals will work with individuals or organizations to provide the best services available.

Our client list is confidential. However, references can be provided for every individual and company utilized.

Client Services

To date Paladin has provided these client services in over 30 countries. These include North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and the Far East. In addition, our network of professionals and professional security organizations has experience in literally every environment in the world.

Sentinel Worldwide

Through our exclusive relationship with Sentinel Worldwide, if you travel in areas of the world that have travel risk, Paladin and Sentinel can give you the peace of mind you need.


On the training side, Paladin provides executive and family travel and kidnap awareness training as well as NRA sanctioned firearms and firearm safety classes. We also offer advanced firearms training and non-lethal defense classes.