About Special Operations

About Paladin Special Operations Branch, its Founder, Daniel Reid and its Operations Director, Trevor Wilson

Paladin International LLC has separated its risk management organization from the business development and negotiations group. This includes security and crisis management planning, security project management, security audits, close protection and high-risk security, and security related training. The goal of Paladin Special Operations Branch, LLC is to provide premier services and top-level professionals for protection of individual and corporate assets in virtually any environment in the world. As mentioned in the home section, Paladin has provided these client services in over 30 countries, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Africa.

Daniel J. Reid is the founder and Managing Director of Paladin. He has been an international business negotiator and an international risk analysis executive for over 30 years and is also a decorated special operations combat veteran. His CV is posted in the About Section for Paladin International.

Trevor Wilson is an owner and the Operations Director for Paladin. As a former member of the British Special Forces, better known as the Special Air Service or “SAS”, and in addition to his extensive military training and combat experience, Trevor is one of an elite group of highly trained specialists in security and counter-terrorism. His accomplishments include having been the Chief Instructor of the SAS Personal Security Wing, which, among other things, trains the close protection groups for royalty, politicians and diplomats around the globe. He also holds instructor ratings in survival, close quarter battle, weapons, driving techniques, demolitions and long-range reconnaissance. In addition, he has in-depth experience in virtually every aspect of facilities, home and business security.

Since leaving the SAS in 1999, Trevor has worked exclusively in the personal and corporate security arena both in the UK and in many foreign environments around the world. He has also provided security for international news teams covering the war on terrorism.

Trevor provides oversight of all Paladin security operations and security personnel. He also directs security surveys for corporate offices and facilities, and directs close protection services for persons in high-risk areas of the world. In addition, Trevor designs training courses in a variety of subjects for individuals, corporations, law enforcement, military and government agencies. These include executive awareness, kidnap and hostage awareness, and technical security courses for professionals.