Security Services

Paladin Special Operations Branch offers a variety of services to fit the needs of its clients:

Security and Crisis Planning

Paladin’s risk assessment and custom designed plans are created to meet corporate standards as well as government requirements. Should a security or crisis event occur, Paladin is available 24/7 to assist you in managing any emergency. This includes providing counselling and oversight services for hostage negotiations. We will help you to:

  • Minimize the impact of disaster elements beyond your control
  • Proactively prevent loss, control threats and mitigate risk
  • Fulfill responsibilities to employees, insurance providers, shareholders and the community

Project Management

Paladin designs, implements, and manages projects for its clients’ domestic and international requirements. These projects can be located in urban, rural or remote locations. We audit the project site, assess the needs and set up the risk assessment and management program necessary to help fulfill the business goals set by the company. For example, we have designed and managed security projects to allow our clients to operate in such remote areas as the deserts of Yemen and the jungles of Ecuador. We have also designed and managed projects for urban office environments such as major cities in Latin America and the Middle East.

Security Audits and Due Diligence

Paladin performs security audits on offices, buildings, homes and remote site facilities of every kind. We also audit clients’ existing security teams or third party security companies that might be in use, including building security. This allows the client to either confirm that the standards and procedures used are acceptable or to initiate modifications to bring the security to appropriate levels.

Each security audit assesses the risks and vulnerabilities for the site. From there, Paladin provides written recommendations to bring the site up to standards of security as might be required by an insurance carrier, government entity or corporate Board. After an audit, we work with our clients to facilitate any actions recommended by the audit.

Purchasing an asset or a company? Opening a new office? We can help to provide required due diligence to satisfy risk analysis requirements of corporate or third party risk managers.

Our team members have solid experience and have conducted numerous security audits of embassies, government facilities, corporate offices, remote sites, and private residences throughout the world.

Sentinel Worldwide

Sentinel provides our clients with state-of-the-art international travel information. We will not only give you our assessments of the crime, terrorism and unrest for most of the destinations in the world but will provide contact numbers for Embassies as well as local government law enforcement, exchange rates for currency, health advisories and even the weather.


Close Protection

Close protection or “body guarding” as some would say, is a serious business and without qualification our contract operatives have some of the finest credentials in close protection in the world today. Period. For example, Paladin’s Operations Director was the chief instructor of close protection for Britain’s famous 22nd SAS Regiment. (See About Section for CV).

All close protection operatives deployed by Paladin come from these ranks or have equivalent backgrounds and training. All have extensive experience in protecting foreign dignitaries, diplomats, corporate officers, VIPs, and film and media crews in day-to-day settings as well as extremely hostile environments. Our people have also trained protection agents for the heads of state in various countries in the world and have trained with such organizations as the US Secret Service, the FBI, and the Diplomatic Protection Service.

Quite simply, we use no lesser lights or cowboys, because in the world of close protection, we feel that our clients deserve only the best. This includes both overt and covert protection and whether we are running a full protection team or escorting an individual one-on-one, we offer no compromise. You will not see this service by Paladin advertised or in trade publications. We are quiet, discrete and very exclusive. We have never lost a client or operative in over 25 years of service.

Asset Protection

Large or small, if you have it and want to protect it, we will help you to determine the alternatives available for asset protection and implement the choice that fits your needs. This includes fixed assets or assets moved through courier services.

Psychological Risk and Assessment Please refer to the Psychological Risk and Assessment Group section


Paladin offers two areas of training for our clients:

Basic Security – Under basic security we offer training to executives, individuals and professional groups in:

  • Executive and employee security awareness
  • Crisis management
  • Close protection
  • Workplace violence
  • Kidnap awareness
  • Asset protection
  • Basic and remote First Aid
  • Travel planning
  • Firearms safety and NRA certifications (See upcoming Paladin Precision Shooting Section)
  • Special Projects – Under special projects we offer a wide variety of specialised training, but only to fully authorised law enforcement agencies, government and military groups.